Children and Families

Messy ChurchMessy Church

Messy Church is for families who cannot always attend on a Sunday. Craft Activities and refreshments play a central role in the activities. Messy church is currently operating from Barrington Church on a Wednesday on a monthly basis and starts at 3.30pm. Just after school!  We begin with a sandwich & cake tea before craft and other activities all related to a theme.  We finish with a time of celebration;  usually some form of story, a song and prayer.



Children in Services

All Age Services in Barrington, Croydon and Orwell offer a form of worship which is simpler and more responsive, which is often easier for families. These services do not have communion and usually the talk, and maybe the prayers, are interactive in some way.

Children are very welcome at all our services, please do not worry about normal children’s noise, and if you need to move about with your baby or toddler please feel free to do so. Children learn about being in church through being there, and as they grow they can be helped to follow what is going on.



The Benefice has two primary schools that the church is involved with.

Petersfield which is a Church of England (aided) school that covers the parishes of, Arrington, Croydon, Wimpole and Orwell within the benefice.

Barrington which is a Church of England (voluntary controlled) school that covers the parish of Barrington within the benefice.

Both schools also recruit from parishes beyond the benefice.

We work within both schools, participating in Collective Worship, as School Governors, providing REActive Church and services within the church.