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Sponsored Bible Reading Marathon

12th – 15th May 2022

Barrington Church South Face
Barrington Church South Face
Photo by Nigel Horner

All Saints Church and Barrington School are organising a sponsored continuous reading of the Bible, in the church, starting 9.00am on Thursday 12th of May and ending somewhere near noon on the 15th May.

The objective is to raise funds for re-ordering part of the Church so that it can be used for multiple purposes both inside and outside the church’s normal activities. (Link)

We are seeking readers and people who are also willing to act as invigilators and facilitators. We hope that volunteers will take all three of the roles through-out the marathon, hopefully on multiple times. See (Link) for details of the different roles.

An on-line timetable is available for registration (Link) and some guidance when particular sections of the bible are likely to be read is available.

For readers up to the age of 14 a child friendly version will be selected and a hard copy of the reading supplied, if required. Older readers will be asked to use the NRSV version.  Again, a hard copy can be supplied if required.

The School will be reading between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on the Thursday and Friday afternoons. We hope that children and parents will want to come at other times. We found, in a previous Bible Reading Marathon, that children found reading in the small hours an up-lifting experience.  It certainly is for adults.

The suggested targets for sponsorships are £5 per five minutes reading for children and £10 per slot minute slot for adults.

Readers will be able to allocate their sponsorship, if they wish, to either or both of the Church and the School. However, we will balance the result so that each will receive 50% of the sponsorship.

Barrington Church North Face
Barrington Church North Face
Photo by Nigel Horner

We will be setting up a EasyFunding facility with Ely Diocese which will make it possible for readers from afar to sponsor the reading of a particular passage in the Bible. We will make it possible for anyone to email a recording or just identify the passage and we will find the reader.

To get involved please email  or call Michael Scott 01223 870967



Candlelit vigil for Ukraine – Barrington
This Sunday 6th March, 7pm
All Saints church, Barrington
Let’s come together this Sunday evening to show our love and compassion for the people of Ukraine.
Absolutely all welcome – people of all faiths and none, old and young. Don’t worry if you never usually come to the church – it belongs to each and every one of us and for centuries has been the place for villagers to gather in times of trouble.
We hope to have some readings and music and also some quiet time. Please do let me know if you would like to read or sing or play an instrument, and also if you have any personal connection with Ukraine.
If you were already planning to come to evensong, the vigil will begin after the service has ended.
There will be a bucket collection afterwards for the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal if you would like to contribute.